Introduction to Amma Sri Karunamayi's Charities in Rural India
Personal Peace Leads to Universal Peace


In this article published in Hinduism Today (Jan 1997), Amma describes how we can contribute to universal peace by filling our minds and hearts with positive thoughts, divine love, and heart-felt prayers for universal well-being.

The Greatness of Gayatri Mantra


In this article published in Hinduism Today (Sep/Oct 2000), Amma discusses the glory and benefits of chanting or meditating on the Gayatri Mantra, a sacred prayer that has the power to spread vibrations of peace and happiness everywhere in the cosmos.

The Language of Silence


In my travels around the world, I am often asked,“What is God’s favorite language? What language does God like best for us to pray in?” Children, all the languages in this world are the languages of God Himself. All languages have emerged from the Goddess of Knowledge, Sarasvati Devi. But there is only one true language: the language of the heart.
God’s true language is silence.

The Discipline of Meditation


While the world continues to pursue the ever-elusive goal of peace by fighting wars and endless political negotiations, spiritual teachers for thousands of years have always spoken of peace as a state that must first be attained inwardly if we are ever to see it manifested in the world.


 "Do not worry about your obstacles; they will pass away. Mother will remove all
of your pain."

~ Amma

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