Introduction to Amma Sri Karunamayi's Charities in Rural India
Amma speaks on a wide variety of topics, and the links below represent a small sampling of some of her discourses. For the complete set of edited transcripts of Amma's discourses given during her US and European Tours, please see the Blessed Souls series in the AmmaStore.

The Divine Wisdom of Equal Vision
In this discourse taken from Divine Wisdom, Amma describes the highest peak of spirituality when we merge in the universal Self and realize that we are everywhere, in everything, and that the entire universe belongs to the divine Self.

Burning the Curtains of Ignorance with Meditation, Mantra and Pranayama
In this discourse taken from Blessed Souls, Vol. 2, Amma discusses how pranayama, mantra japa, and meditation, when performed with devotion, help to remove the karmic obscurations that prevent us from realizing our true, egoless, divine nature.

Utilize Your Energy in a Positive Way
In this discourse taken from Blessed Souls, Vol. 3, Amma discusses how to develop positive, pure energy in our lives, and how this positive energy will help us to meditate peacefully and to develop all the positive virtues, like compassion, true devotion, wisdom, and selflessness.

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