Introduction to Amma Sri Karunamayi's Charities in Rural India

The essence of Amma's message to the world is that we should realize the great opportunity we have as human beings to cultivate inner beauty, offer ourselves in service to the entire universe, and ultimately attain spiritual liberation.

The true purpose of human life lies in the development of Dharma, which includes virtues as compassion, truthfulness, wisdom, contentment, and unconditional love.

Amma teaches that these inner virtues produce a peaceful state of mind extremely conducive to true, deep meditation. She says that it's only in deep meditation that we come into contact with the divine inner Self - the Atman.

Eventually, through the combination of sincere effort and divine grace we can merge permanently with the eternal light of supreme Divine Consciousness. This is the destiny of all beings.

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Seva - selfless service to humanity

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"Everyone must contribute his
or her own share of service for
the achievement of universal peace.

There is a great need in the world today all of us to first purify ourselves by meditating on the form of the supremely pure Divine Mother,
and then to do our share of work
for universal peace.

We can develop purity of character
by always engaging in acts of compassion. Egoism can be melted by compassio
n and divine love."

~ Amma

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