"Direct Puja to Divine Mother" During Navaratri

50,000 to Receive Clothing
- 500,000 to Receive Meals

Amma Invites You to Help

Tens of thousands of poor villagers make do with only one sari or dhoti, toiling throughout hot summers and monsoon floods. Each year Amma gives clothing in charity, but this Navaratri Amma wants to donate clothing to 50,000 people. Also during Navaratri, Amma will feed 500,000 people.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to lend a helping hand. Sponsoring vastra dana (giving clothes in charity) and anna dana (giving meals in charity) spreads love and joy to society, and returns great merit to the donor.

An individual can be given a full meal with dessert for 50¢ and new clothing can be given to them for $3.

Amma's Charities

To make these gifts even more special, they are being given during the Navaratri celebration - a time when the communities around Amma's ashram are immersed in the deeply religious sentiments of Divine Mother's worship. This charity makes the special religious holiday even more important and memorable.

How to Make a Difference

You may use the online form to enter your own custom sponsorship amount, or choose from amounts already listed.

To enter your own amount, choose the option titled, "other," and enter the amount of your choice. Remember even a sponsorship of $15 for anna dana serves 30 people. $25 serves 50 people. SMVA Trust wants to make this an affordable way for you to help Amma's children in India. Your donations are still needed and welcome.

Sponsor Anna Dana (meals for the poor)

Photos from October 9, 2008

Sponsor Vastra Dana (clothing for the poor)

Photos from October 9, 2008


Amma India Charity

"Direct Puja to Divine Mother"

In Amma's special Navaratri message video - Amma calls anna dana and vastra dana "direct puja" to Divine Mother. You can see from Amma's look of love and compassion, that this charity during Navaratri is very important to her. SMVA Trust invites you to share your love this Navaratri with our beloved Amma.


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

May All Be Peaceful

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May All Be Happy


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