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Sri Ganesha Chaturthi Festival

September 9, 2013

Lord Sri Ganesha is the embodiment of the all-pervading universal energy.
Worshiping Sri Ganesha on this auspicious day will remove all obstacles and bestow the devotee with
happiness and prosperity.



Note: The message below is an English translation of Amma's recent Divine Message in Telugu. It has been translated to the best of our abilities so that the message that Amma wishes to impart to Her children for this auspicious day is there.









Lord Ganesha is worshipped as:

Leader of Ganas (a troop of semi-divine beings that form part of retinue of Lord Shiva)

Best of the Poets

Lord of all Mantras

Best of the Kings, Vinayakudu, Lord of Prayer or Devotion (Bruhaspati)

Lord of Speech (Vachaspati) Bruhanaspati, Ganapati



Brahma Vishnvadi Gananam Eeshaha

Lord Ganesh is the Lord of Brahma, Ganas (Entourage of Lord Shiva) and all the Gods.

In the above Scriptures the meaning of articulate sound of word “Gana” is explained as:

Ga = Knowledge

Na = Salvation or Eternal Bliss

The above Scriptures also mentions the Worship of Heyrambhu.

Hey = Weakness, Helplessness

Rambhu = Injury, Harm

Heyrambhudu is the One who protects from Weakness, Helplessness, Injury, and Harm.



Ganadheen Poorva Muchaarya Varnadheen Thadantaram

Meaning first utter the words and then the letters.

Vinayaka is invoked first and offerings are given to Vinayaka first.

Destroyer of Destruction & Sorrow from the World.

Worshipped by the Butaganas (Entourage of Lord Shiva)

Owner of all Agama and Nigama shastras, all Pooja’s, Vratas, Knowledge, Humans and Magnificence

Worshipping on the day of Chaturdi in the month of Bhadrapada (late August or early September) at the time of Hasta Nakshatram (star) Grants the Best of everything.


In the month of Aashwayuja (after the month of Bhadrapada) on the day of Padyami at the time of Hasta nakshatram setting up Kalasha (jar containing an offering worshipped as a preliminary to the main ceremony) grants best of all. Attainment of Will and Fulfillment of Navaratri Puja deed.

Lord of Pramada

Responsible for Universal Prosperity

Founder of Traditional Righteous

Meaning of Elephant’s head on Sri Ganesh? It can be explained as “Tatvamasi” from Upanishads.

Human body parts are “Tvam” = mine, yours or myself.   “Tat” = Wishing of Manifestation of Truth

Mind needs to change from worldly things to finding highest Truth, for this to happen needs to change the attributes in one’s head. Need a new head and new mind this is the real meaning behind Lord Shiva fixing a new head on Lord Ganesh. Because of the new head, body wants“asi” as remuneration or reward.


Sri Ganesha Upanishad:

Twameva Pratyaksham ‘Tatwamasi’ meaning “You Yourself is the Glory of the Truth”

Truth is your Radiance. Ganesh festival is celebrated very enthusiastically by everyone specially students without any caste differences in India.  The real meaning of celebrating this festival is to Worship the Amazing Infinite Power by making an Idol of Lord Ganesh with Soil or Turmeric and performing sixteen fold worship, offering Modaka’s, Kudumulu and Undraalu, then giving Aarati and later immersing Lord Ganesh in water.


Sri Ganesh Puranam: Description of Lord Ganapati in each Yuga.

Sri Ganapati in Krutayugam –Appeared with 10 hands sitting on a Lion (means appeared as Adi Parashakti with 10 hands).

In Tretayugam – appeared with 6 hands sitting on a peacock

In Dwaparayugam – appeared with 4 hands and with an elephant face

In Kaliyugam –with 2 hands, white body and with Radiance of white rays of Sun.


In Kruta and Tretayugam as Vinayaka

In Dwapara and Kaliyuga as Gajaanana

In Tantrik worship as Heyrambha Ganapati, Uthishta Ganapati and Urdhva Ganapati

In this Kaliyuga Ganesh and Chandi are very easily pleased.

Significance of Vinayaka Form?

Elephant is the Power of Knowledge symbol

Human is the Power of Karma symbol

In Humans the Power of Karma is in excess

To balance both and to achieve victory is the significance of Vinayaka Form.

Ekadantam – is the sign of Oneness

Lambodaram – is the sign of Universes

Pashankushalu (weapon) in his Hands –Obstructs Enmity (ragadwesahalu)

Why we have to worship Ganesh?

There are 6 chakras in human body, the first chakra is Mulaadhara Chakram and Ganesh resides in this Chakra. Ganesh is the Lord of this Chakra.


To achieve Salvation through yoga, the human body faces too many obstacles before awakening kundalini. To overcome these obstacles everyone should worship Lord Ganesh on Vinayaka Chaviti (Chaturthi) in the month of Bhadrapada on the day of Chaturthiat the time of Hasta Nakshatram.


What is the significance of Lord Ganesha’s two wives?

Vinayaka has 2 wives, Buddi and Siddi.

Buddi – Discriminative Knowledge

Siddi – Accomplishment

Where there is Knowledge, Accomplishment follows this is what everyone needs.


When Lord Shiva is merciful, he will grant knowledge.

One needs to worship Lord Ganesh in order to start Yoga of Meditation

Worship of Lord Ganesh grants every Success

At the time of churning Milky ocean Gods and Demons worshipped Lord Ganesh and then started the process of Churning. Sambudu worshipped Lord Ganesh asking to cure his leprosy, and became healthy.

Bhageerada worshipped Lord Ganesh in order to bring Ganga onto the earth.

Indra worshipping Lord Ganesh before starting battle with Vitrasura

Sri Rama worshipped Lord Ganesh before going to battle with Ravanasura

All of them worshipped Lord Ganesh in order to achieve something and were successful.

It is impossible to achieve any success in life without worshipping Lord Ganesh. In Kaliyuga all the mantras are locked except Sri Vinayaka and Sri Chandi mantras. These mantras grants all the wishes in Kaliyuga.


Worship of Lord Ganesh is familiar all over the world:

Egypt - excavation in some places resulted in finding some sculptures which proved worship of Lord Ganesh in this area.

Greeks and Romans worshipped Lord Ganesh in the name of Vignahar

Jaava – (Jeeva) word became Jaava. In Cambodia, Japan, China, Burma, Tibet, Sri Lanka and several other countries, Lord Ganesh is worshipped in Shiva culture or Buddhism culture too.

Excavations in Russia, America and China found Ganesh Sculptures.

This shows that Lord Ganesh is worshipped worldwide.


Worshipping Green Jade Ganesh is very auspicious. Green Jade attracts Jupiter rays and gives peace to heart. Any unlucky person worshipping Jade Ganesh becomes lucky and successful in their life (due to the amazing powers of Jade when searching for sea shells will find precious stones)

Performing Vinayaka Sankastahara Vratam every month will eliminate all the troubles and grants all success and happiness.


Three enemies who rob peace of mind will run away by worshipping Lord Ganesh: Humans have three enemies residing in them who steal peace of mind.

Pain: Humans feel the pain as the result of their own deeds.

Anxiety: Human worry about tomorrow and anxiety to face the troubles.

Unable to Identify: Humans always unable to identify what has God given them.

Fruits of worshipping Lord Ganesh: Decreases interests in worldly affairs and awakens power of muladhara chakra.

Whoever worships Lord Ganesh always with great devotion will become best yogi of all other mahayogis.


Ganesh Ekaksharamantram: On the day of Vinayaka Chaviti chanting “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” 1008 times will fulfill all desires. Tie rakhi to Ganesh on this day and ask Him to protect always as your brother.

Chant Ganesh Gayatri: ‘ Om Ekadantaya Vidmahey Vakratundaya Dheemahi, Tanno Danti Prachodayat’


Two things which are very essential for worshipping Sri Ganesh.

Donating a little from whatever you have to other, why? It is kind of paying gratitude to God for providing all the happiness and peace in life. Only with pure heart one can realize highest Truth, to realize that one needs skill and intelligence which is granted by Lord Ganesh.


Worshipping Lord Ganesh and Meditating upon Lord Ganesh makes humans into yogi. Bhagwad Gita explained the qualities needed to become Yogi:

One who abstains from food are not eligible

One who does not sleep are not eligible

Yoga is impossible for One who oversleeps

Yoga is unobtainable to One who does excess physical hard work

Lazy people are not eligible for Yoga according to Bhagwad Gita


Whatever is your birth star and zodiac sign by worshipping Lord Ganesh you will accomplish success. The same way worshipping Sri Lalita Devi protects from any harmful effects of Birth star, zodiac signs and planetary powers.

Worship, Meditate and Surrender yourself to Lord Ganesh and He will take you to “SOHAM” (Ultimate Reality or Truth)".


A Special Sri Ganesha Chaturthi Nakshatra Homa will be performed at Amma's Penusila Ashram on Monday, September 9, 2013. Devotees are encouraged to take full advantage of sponsoring this homa to get abundant blessings of both Sri Ganesha and Amma Sri Karunamayi!

Sri Ganesha's powerful energy easily overcomes all obstacles caused by planetary difficulties. This special nakshatra homa is beneficial to overcome any defects caused by your nakshatra (birth star). Sri Ganesha's divine blessings will be showered upon you to protect you from any bad luck and remove all obstuctions from your path. Enjoy new hope, abundant energy and an inspired enthusiasm for life when you participate. Sponsors of this auspicious day will be blessed with the sacred recitation of mantras on the sponsors names before each sponsored ceremony. After completion of the ceremony, the holy prasadam will be mailed to each sponsor.

Please click here for sponsorship details.



Proceeds from sponsoring this event support Amma’s Charities - Free Hospital,
Free School, Free Food and Housing for the poor.


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

May All Be Peaceful

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May All Be Happy


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