Amma's Special Message for Sravana Masam and

Sri Vara Lakshmi Vratam (English)

Friday, August 16, 2013




'Omkaram' the reason for the Universe is the highest Consciousness. This Consciousness with its Infinite Powers sustains and preserves the Universe. Sanatana Dharma worships this “Infinite Power” in different forms on different festivals.


'Aardhraam Pushkarineem' these words from Sri Suktam is known to all of you. Pushkarineem also means Pushkarini is synonym to Koneru which means a huge pond. And here this huge pond is not filled with water. Aardhraam “aardrata kaligina karuna” meaning Indescribable Compassion or Kindheartedness. The true meaning of the words “Aardraam Pushkarineem” in Sri Suktam is Amma, the Divine Mother Sir Lakshmi Devi whose Heart is a huge pond of indescribable compassion.


Sri Devi is Pure Conscious Power, the Universal Divine Mother is worshipped in the form of Mangala Gowri and Sri MahaLakshmi in this month of Shravanam. Sri MahaLakshmi is just not a single form. The diverse divine qualities and powers collectively take a single form which is Sri MahaLakshmi.


Indra who was appointed as the Chief of Gods was blessed with strength and power to rule. Indra was also blessed by Lakshmi due to Lord Vishnu’s Grace. However, authority, pride and power made Indra egoistic which caused Lakshmi to leave him. Indra in turn lost his power, authority, wealth, glory, everything and hid inside a lotus tube taking on a micro form. The gist of this story is that by the Grace of Lord Narayana if human acquires wealth and power, but due to ego, pride and other bad qualities Lakshmi will leave.


Later when “Ksheerasagaram- Ocean of milk” was churned Sri MahaLakshmi manifested herself and became Lord Narayana’s consort. When Indra realized and repented for his mistakes, Mother blessed him with glory and wealth. One should never forget the awareness and power of the Universal Mother as the controller of the Universe. This is the real intention of Sri MahaLakshmi choosing Sri MahaVishnu as her consort.



Sri Lakshmi is the Beautiful rays in theSunrise

Sri Lakshmi is the Cool and Elegant rays in the Moon

Sri Lakshmi is the Brightness of Fire

Sri Lakshmi is the overall treasures & pleasures of Mother Earth

Sri Lakshmi is the cool water in the Rivers

Sri Lakshmi is Grains in the Crops and Fields

Sri Lakshmi is the Beauty & Fragrance in Flowers

Sri Lakshmi is the Sweetness in Fruits

Sri Lakshmi is Vastness of the Sky

Sri Lakshmi is Depth of the Ocean

Sri Lakshmi is the Sweetness in the Speech

Sri Lakshmi is the Knowledge and Science

Sri Lakshmi is Good Health

Sri Lakshmi is Activeness & Energy

On Earth she is known as Bhoo Lakshmi

At Home known as Griha Lakshmi

In Vykuntam (the abode of Sri Maha Vishnu) she is known as Sri Maha Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is just not a single form but diverse Divine Qualities and Divine Powers which collectively represent Sri Maha Lakshmi.


Lakshmi means “Brilliance, Artistic, Beauty, and Wealth”.

Lokaika Deepankuraam means Sapling of Light, Provides light to the entire worlds, Grants Brilliance. Lakshmi is the incitement for Prosperity, Splendor, Beauty, Knowledge, Modesty and Amiability.

“Naaluka - Hrudayanni geliche eelika, Hrudayanni swantana pariche moolika”

Tongue - is a Prince to win the Heart and a Medicine to provide peace to the Heart.

Peace, Gentle, Amiable, Compassion and Beauty are the virtues of Lakshmi.


“Padmapriye, Padmini, Padmadalaayathakshi”

Sri MahaLakshmi’s another name is Padma means Lotus.

Padma (Lotus) – Blooming is in its attribute

Padma (Lotus) Knowledge is similar to Lotus it thrives but it never Contracts. Wealth too grows and accumulates.

Sri Maha Lakshmi resides in the Lotus Heart of Sri Maha Vishnu. The Power of Compassion in Sri MahaVishnu’s heart is obtained by the Humans as Wealth. Lakshmi resides in His heart as Mercy and Compassion and bestows wishes of the humans as Mother of the Universe.


Sri MahaLakshmi’s favorite Vedic hymn is Sri Suuktam. Recitation of Sri Suuktam fulfills all the desires.

“Hiranyavarnaam” – Mother is glowing with Golden rays.

“Harineem” – Harim nayati bhakthaan. Sri Lakshmi Devi connects devotees with Sri Hari. She is cool like the Moon and provides Happiness.



Shravanamasam (month of Shravan) is associated with Shravana Star.

  • Monday’s in Shravanamasam are very auspicious for performing Shiva puja, which helps eradicate poverty.
  • Tuesday’s in Shravanamasam – performing Mangala Gowri puja.
  • Wednesday’s in Shravanamasam – performing Vishnu puja is auspicious
  • Thursday’s in Shravanamasam – performing Dakshina Moorthy puja helps gaining knowledge
  • Friday’s in Shravanamasam – performing Sri Maha Lakshmi pujagains Lakshmi kindness & favor
  • Saturday’s in Shravanamasam – performing Sri Venkateshwara puja gives remedy from Shani
  • Sunday’s in Shravanamasam – performing Surya bhagwan (Sun God) puja gives good health.


Sri Chakram is an accumulation of all Divine Powers, to perform puja to Sri Chakram by reciting Samputita Sri Suuktam, in your home on an altar spread a clean cloth put some rice on the cloth and place the Sri Chakram and with yellow flowers or red rose petals perform the puja of Jade Sri Chakram.

Humans have two enemies they are Ego and Anger. These two enemies will be destroyed by recitation of Samputita Sri Suuktam sitting in front of Sri Chakram in the month of Shraavanam. Worshipping Sri Chakram in reality is worshipping all accumulated Divine Powers of this Universe.

In the month of Shraavana worshipping Sri Maha Lakshmi with golden lotus does miracles by granting Good Fortune, Intelligence and overall Prosperity.

Worshipping Sri MahaLakshmi in Sri Chakram with golden lotus is the Grand Portal to overall Prosperity. The Eight petal lotus (Asta dala padmam) in Sri Chakram is symbolic representation of eight forms of Lakshmi (Asta Lakshmi). Sri Vidya described the triangles of eight petal lotus (Asta dala padmam) as triangles of Sri Maha Lakshmi.


The glory of Sri Chakram is indescribable. The sacred scriptures Kulaarnava Grantham, Shakti sangamam, Sri Vidyarnavam, Tripuraa Rahasyam, Nityotsavamu, Yantramahaarnavamu, Soundarya lahari, Nitya shodashaarnavamu and other hundreds of scriptures describe the glory of Sri Chakram.

In the month of Shraavana by worshipping Sri Maha Lakshmi with golden lotus on your name eradicates poverty and all kinds of troubles.

Sri Chakram is abode of all Gods and Goddesses. Sri Chakram is accumulation of three powers (trishakti) Sri Maha Lakshmi, Sri Maha Kali, Sri Maha Saraswati. Sri Maha Lakshmi with a radiant smile seated on the Sri Chakra golden throne, on the triangular point is worshipped daily with golden lotuses.

On this auspicious and favorite day by worshipping Sri Maha Lakshmi gain Amma’s blessings, kindness & favor."






A Special Sravana Vara Mahalakshmi Homa with Lotus flowers will be performed in the divine presence of Amma at her Penusila ashram in India on Friday, August 16.

Please click here for sponsorship details.

Let the Divine Mother grant you boons and shower you with prosperity and happiness by participating in this homa.


              Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

               May All Be Peaceful

              Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

                 May All Be Happy

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