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In Penusila Kshetram, the area surrounding Amma Sri Karunamayi's main center, impoverished villagers battle such difficulties as drought, lack of health care, lack of primary education, and lack of a political voice. Intimately familiar with this region, Amma has dedicated her life to lifting these villagers out of their most dire difficulties. Amma's charitable projects provide critical and often life-saving assistance in a region where no other charities operate and where governmental assistance is nearly non-existent. These are truly forgotten people, but thanks to Amma, the villagers now have reason to hope. Aside from physical poverty, Amma recognizes the existence of emotional and spiritual poverty which exists around the world today. Through her international speeches and programs, Amma provides guidance, inspiration, and solace to thousands of people who come to her for comfort.



Sri Karunamayi Amma - Free Hospital
The Sri Karunamayi Free Hospital provides medical care free of charge to all who need it. Through the cancer, diabetes, polio, dental, eye, physical therapy, Obstetrics and Gynecology and mobile clinics, over 70,000 people have received free medical care for numerous debilitating and life-threatening conditions.


Before Amma's hospital existed, expecting mothers had nowhere to go when they experienced complications during childbirth; parents had to choose between buying medicines or feeding their children; and children were forced to grow up horribly disfigured from preventable diseases like polio. Thanks to Amma's hospital, these tragedies are no longer the harsh reality.
Spiritual documentary about Amma's charity, the Sri Karunamayi Free School Amma Sri Karunamayi Free Hospital charity in India offering free healthcare to the poor Sri Karunamayi Free Hospital article

Amma's Jubilee 50th Birthday Housing Project
Amma's is building homes for 500 familes living in dire poverty in rural Andhra Pradesh. This project has been inaugurated is part of Amma's 50th Birthday Jubilee.
Spiritual documentary about Amma's charity, the Sri Karunamayi Free SchoolAmma's 50th Birthday Jubilee Housing Project

Sri Karunamayi Amma - Free School
The Sri Karunamayi Free School provides education free of charge to the impoverished children of Penusila. Thanks to Amma's dream of free education for the poor, many children now have a chance to learn valuable skills that will help them break the cycle of poverty.


But it is not just the children whose lives will improve because of the school. Amma herself visits the school frequently to encourage the children to go to college and then return to their villages to serve the people as lawyers, doctors, nurses, or engineers.
Spiritual documentary about Amma's charity, the Sri Karunamayi Free School Amma Sri Karunamayi Free School charity in IndiaAmma's Free School article

Sri Karunamayi Universal Values - Sanatana Dharma
Amma has dedicated her life to spreading such universal values as peace, unity, compassion, respect for all life forms, and family harmony. Traveling tirelessly for months at a time, year after year, Amma has spoken with thousands, inspiring countless individuals around the world to live according to the highest humanitarian values.

Through her words, her actions, and her entire life, Amma demonstrates these universal humanitarian values in practical ways that inspire the heart and liberate the spirit.


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