Established in 2002, the Sri Karunamayi Free
Hospital has provided free medical care to over
60,000 people. This remarkable facility serves a
rural population of 500,000 people in 54 villages.
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Free Hospital in India

In rural Nellore District in Andhra Pradesh, lack of access to health care and education are the most dire problems facing impoverished villages. An entire family will work from sunrise to sundown often earning less than $1.00 a day.

Villagers walking to get healthcare

Indian man looking for healthcare

Even when villagers in rural India, have access to healthcare the challenge to reach it is a daunting task. The journey to hospital on foot, both for the able-bodied and the disabled can take an entire day, when families have to carry their children and disabled relatives, with little access to comfort or rest on the way.

Volunteer Doctor treating boy

Indian children with fever

Caring for the children of Nellore district is a major focus of the Sri Karunamayi Free Hospital. Above, a doctor listens to a young boy's heartbeat, and a mother brings her feverish young ones for an emergency visit.

Doctors volunteer in India

Indian volunteer doctor

Where a visit to the hospital can be a day-long journey, a mother can lose her child in labor if a complication develops. Here, newborns lie safely beside their mothers under the careful watch of volunteer doctors.

Healthcare worker volunteers at the Sri Karunamayi Free Hospital

Volunteer Dental Technician, Andhra Pradesh, India

Complete facilities for patient care are available, in addition to a spectrum of outpatient services, including dental and vision care. The Sri Karunamayi Free Hospital has performed thousands of free cataract operations, which prevent crippling and unnecessary blindness.

In addition to in and outpatient services, the Sri Karunamayi Free Hospital has a mobile eye clinic van, fully equipped with state of the art equipment. Rural distribution of free medicine including much needed antibiotics is also conducted regularly.

Above are elderly village ladies, some with sunglasses on to protect them from the intensity of sunlight, after cataract surgery. Also pictured, ladies line up during a free distribution of medicine in a village.
Amma Sri Karunamayi Free Hospital

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