Education is a divine blessing, and at Amma's school,
tuition and supplies are free, so parents will never have
to choose between educating their children or making
ends meet.
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Amma with Student of the Sri Karunamayi Free School

Generation after generation of rural children in Penusila have lived locked in a cycle of poverty, with no way out. The Sri Karunamayi Free School provides a way to break this cyle, and open the doorway to greater personal accomplishment.

Village Children, Andhra Pradesh, India

Karunamayi Free School, India

Here pictured are the children of a village family. The eldest sister wearing the uniform of the Sri Karunamayi Free School. She will lead her family into the future, where her education will provide not only a means of livelihood, but a contribution to society. On the right, children filled with purpose and hope line the road for a visit from Amma.

Indian boy reading

Indian girl reading

Reading and other academics are the focus of the school. Where children are encouraged to discover their purpose and fulfill their dreams. Here are two children intent on their studies in the peacful and focused environment of the Sri Karuanamai Free School.

Amma giving darshan to Indian school children

Indian children doing yoga at Amma's School

In addition to academics, children are nourished spiritually, through darshan and classes from Amma, yoga classes, and caring, loving faculty. The school life includes the development of character, as well as a respect for the body.

Amma meditating with Indian school children

On the left, a young boy in art class enjoys a creative period of self-expression. The photo on the right shows how deeply Amma participates in the spiritual evolution of the children, here pictured during class meditation.

Indian girl

Joyful Indian girl

These girls' faces fully reveal the joy and beauty of their character, as they embrace hope and find support from the Sri Karunamayi Free School.

Indian school children learnign self-expression

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