Spiritual documentary about Amma's charity, the Sri Karunamayi Free School Amma Sri Karunamayi Free Hospital charity in India offering free healthcare to the poor

Imagine life without medical care. Imagine worrying that your child's bout with strep throat may prove deadly. Or that a simple injury could cause the loss of your arm or leg.

In the remote and rural region of Penusila Kshetram, the area where Amma meditated for ten years, these concerns are tragically common.

This is a place where one in ten children will pass away before their fifth birthday. Where mothers commonly die during childbirth due to lack of proper sanitary conditions and emergency medical care.

Many impoverished villagers have had to face the agonizing choice of paying for desperately needed medicines or buying food for their children. For many villagers here, the lack of affordable and accessible health care has led to despair and helplessness. For a complete picture, check out the photos and video documenting the work of the charity and demonstrating its vital necessity in the communities we serve.

Believing that no one should have to suffer needlessly for lack of funds or available healthcare, Amma built a hospital that is dedicated to providing free health care to all who need it. Now, thanks to Amma's free hospital, new hope has come into the hearts of the Penusila villagers.

The hospital is funded entirely through donations. Please make your contribution today. Your contribution is tax deductible within the limits prescribed by law.

In the past four years, the Sri Karunamayi Free Hospital has made great strides in providing free, quality health care to all who need it. So far, over 60,000 patients have been seen in the hospital, and another 15,000 have been treated through the hospital's mobile outreach clinics. In this vital program, doctors travel to remote villages in a medically equipped van, bringing much needed medical care to those who are too sick or feeble to walk to the hospital. Services include distribution of medicine, cataract operations, regular checkups and an entire range of needed services.


Bringing Needed Care to Future Generations


As the hospital's reputation for free quality care has grown, more and more patients have been traveling from greater and greater distances, some walking many miles, just for the chance to see a doctor. Now that the hospital is established as an inpatient facility with twenty-four hour staff, it is Amma's greatest wish to establish a permanent endowment for the hospital. This endowment fund will provide the hospital with all necessary funds in perpetuity, thus bringing a permanent end to needless suffering in Penusila.

Once the endowment fund has been established, husbands will no longer need to worry that their wives may die in childbirth, mothers will no longer grieve the loss of their children to preventable diseases, and children will not face the agony of growing up crippled from diseases like polio.

You Can Be a Blessing to Thousands of People

The hospital has come this far only because of the kindness and compassion of numerous devotees who have generously supported this noble cause. Amma's hospital project has now come to a critical turning point, and we have the opportunity to make sure that the hospital will remain operational forever, bringing vitally needed medical care to the people of Penusila for generations to come.

Your tax-deductible contribution, in any amount, will be a powerful blessing for thousands of people, many of whom would be consigned to death or a life of suffering without Amma's hospital. With your continued support, we hope to bring a permanent end to the unnecessary suffering Penusila's men, women and children have faced in the past.

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Indian Charity - Sri Karunamayi Free Hospital The Sri Karunamayi Free Hospital is the only medical facility serving 500,000
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Rural clinic, India. Words cannot describe the dire need for healthcare in rural India. The Sri Karunamayi Free Hospital provides free medical treatment with your
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Clinic, IndiaIn Penusila, $1 will provide antibiotics and immunizations
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