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They Dream of a Brighter Future


In Penusila Kshetram, most people spend their entire lives laboring on farms, working in mines, or performing other types of menial labor. With most families living on less than $40 a month, people live hand-to-mouth, utterly dependent on each day's wages.

In this environment of pervasive poverty, it's not unusual to see children as young as four or five working long hours under the broiling Indian sun, hauling bricks, harvesting crops, or herding animals. This pattern of grueling child labor has existed out of necessity for generations, and will continue into the future unless something is done to help these children break the cycle of bleak subsistence. Check out photos documenting the work of the Sri Karunamayi Free School.

Like all parents everywhere, the people of Penusila want a brighter future for their children. If given the chance, these honorable people would happily send their children to school. But in this remote area of Andhra Pradesh, schools are few and far between. Even for those who live near enough to a school, the required fees for uniforms, books and supplies are too high. When people are barely making enough to feed their children, how can they spare any money for school fees?


Free Education for the Poor


Intimately familiar with the unique challenges and needs in the Penusila region, Amma has been working for years to bring free, quality education to all the children. Before any funds were available, Amma invited the children to come to her Penusila Ashram, and classes were held in the open air underneath trees. As more and more people have opened their hearts and given their support to Amma's vision of providing free education, the Sri Karunamayi Free School has grown into a sturdy two-story schoolhouse surrounded by gardens and greenery, blossoming like a beautiful desert flower.

In Amma's school, all tuition and supplies are free, so that parents will never need to choose between educating their children or feeding their families. In keeping with Amma's philosophy of education, the students learn yoga, meditation, and the value of traditional culture along with all their other classes.

As the children have begun to understand the possibilities that lie before them, a new light has come into their eyes. All students who graduate from the Sri Karunamayi Free School will be eligible to attend Amma's Degree College, and will be assisted financially. At Amma's college, children will be able to earn degrees and learn valuable skills that they can then bring back to their villages in order to help their extended communities. In this way, Amma's school will allow these children to become a force for transformation in the lives of so many.

Your Help is Still Needed

The Sri Karunamayi Free School has been built out of the kindness and compassion of countless people who have made donations or sponsored individual students. As the reputation of Amma's school has grown, many villagers have been pleading with Amma to start more schools throughout the Penusila region. It is now Amma's wish to spread the gift of education throughout the entire Penusila region, one school at a time.

You can help to educate many bright and deserving young students and assist them in achieving a more promising future for themselves, for their villages, and for the entire Penusila region. Your donation will help to break the cycle of child labor and poverty that have consumed generation upon generation. It will give the children hope. Your kind donation will make a difference! Your contribution is tax deductible within the limits prescribed by law.

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Indian boy learing to read. The school has a reputation
for excellent teaching, loving discipline, and superior
in statewide exams.


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When asked about the potential future of children, Amma touched her heart and slowly closed her eyes, saying gently, "Some of them will become doctors now."






Amma with Village Boys. Aside from the blessing of helping an individual child to further his or her studies, your kind donation can help create a lasting foundation for community upliftment through education.

Amma Karunamayi Charities Introduction


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