Spiritual Videos by Amma

Amma regularly records videos for her children on a wide variety of spiritual topics, including teachings, pujas, and messages. Below is a list of available spiritual videos.

About Amma and Her Mission

Spiritual Documentary on Amma

Amma's Charitable Work

Sri Ganesha

Bhajan: Gam Gam Ganesha

Bhajan: Victory to Sri Ganesha

Divine Mother

Amma's Navaratri Message, 2008

Sri Saraswati Panchami Festival, 2008

Yoga of Divine Mother, a Navaratri Offering (10 short programs)

Lord Shiva

Maha Shivaratri – Lord Shiva’s Sacred Night

Bhajan: Victory to Shiva

Bhajan: Shiva, Ocean of Compassion

Spiritual Talks and Messages to Devotees

Amma's New Year's Message, 2008

Amma's Christmas Message, 2007

Guru Purnima Celebration Highlights, 2007

Guru Purnima Sri Pada Puja, 2003

Yoga of the Chakras - Guru Purnima Discourse, 2003


"Mother listens to, and answers all your prayers. Let the prayer come from the bottom
of your heart."

~ Amma

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